Committees and Working groups


Engineering Computer science reception

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close Engineering Computer science reception

The Engineering and Computer science reception consists of around 50 people divided into three committees and one working group . Together they arrange a reception for almost 1000 new students.

The committees are appointed during the first part of the spring semester and is working intensively during the spring with a wide range of different tasks. The working group is appointed laster during the spring semester and has a lower workload than the committees.

Within The Engineering and Computer science reception one can be responsible for everything from video editing, writing spex to plan events or educate the new buddies. If one wants to test leading a group one can apply to group leader or project manager for the reception.These positions are appointed during the fall semester a couple of months before the committees.

The prep course in mathematics

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close The prep course in mathematics

The prep course in mathematics (Proppen) is held during the reception of the new students at the start of every fall semester. The course is a two week long “catch-me-up” in upper secondary school mathematics for all the new engineering students as well as the new natural science and computer science students.

Proppen is a perfect time for the new students to not only refresh their math skills, but also a great opportunity to get to know their new classmates and learn a bit about the life as a student from the prep teacher. Proppen is held by the largest committee at UTN: Proppkå, which today consists of 36 students.

The committee members are the “prep teachers” or “proppar” and will be teaching during the reception. Proppen is an arrangement in cooperation with the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University and the prep teachers are paid for their work.

Master & Exchange Reception

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close Master & Exchange Reception

The Master and Exchange Reception committee is responsible to arrange activities and events for the master or international students joining Uppsala University.

Prior to the activities and events, the committee is the mastermind behind. All the events are designed for the students to take part, get to know the each other and the city, the culture and the student life here in Uppsala.

In the committee, there are different areas of responsibilities such as marketing, events, food and entertainment. The committee consists of 5 members and works closely together in creating joyful events for international students.

Puzzle Hunt Rally committee

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close Puzzle Hunt Rally committee

Puzzle Hunt Rally committee is a committee with 10 members who arranges a Puzzle Hunt Rally in late September.

The presidium is assigned in November and the rest of the committee in February. The 10 committee members have different responsibilities, everything from making rebuses, movies, spex and food to get sponsors and managing the economy.

During the Puzzle Hunt Rally the committee will be present to answer questions, fix so there is food for the hungry participants and lead games.

The Utnarm committee

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close The Utnarm committee

In November, approximately 120 companies are coming to Polacksbacken to exhibit at the Utnarm fair and meet students. For this to happen we have the Utnarm committee and their group coordinators. As part of the committee you can contact companies, plan the tents, plan a banquet, fix the website and app, create graphic material and much more. 

Utnarm has a management team consisting of a full-time project manager, a convenor who is responsible for the environment and sustainability work, and three group leaders. They are responsible for the marketing group of Utnarm, the fair group and the corporate relations group. In each group there are about 4-6 people who all have different responsibilities. Together, they form the Utnarm committee. In addition to the committee, there are group coordinators appointed in the fall by the committee.

Meetings are held two times a week for everyone apart from the group leaders who have three meetings. The committee will consist of both Swedish and international students who become great friends and have a lot of fun along the way.

The Ball committee

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close The Ball committee

The Ball committee (Balkå) works every year to create one of UTN's most elegant events held at Uppsala castle, the Science Students' Ball!

The committee is appointed after summer and works intensively throughout autumn and spring with a host of tasks. The work itself is generally split into two phases; tasks that need to be done before and during the ball itself.

Examples of tasks to complete before include getting sponsors, applying for permits, pr-work and hosting dance practices. For the ball itself, entertainment needs to be booked and menu and seating needs to be discussed with Uppsala castle to name a few tasks.

If you want to work in a smaller committee with a clear focus, the ball committee is a perfect alternative that leads to one of the most elegant and memorable night of the year for all the guests!

The Polhacks committee

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close The Polhacks committee

The Polhacks committee is a relatively small committee of about 10 people, who plan and execute Polhacks, UTN's yearly gaming festival.

The committee is appointed early in the autumn semester, while the project leader posts are filled already in April. As an assigned member of the committee you'll be responsible for a certain area, like food, sponsorship, games, marketing, or volunteers, among others. The workload is low during the autumn, when focus lies on planning the event, but is stepped up in the spring when Polhacks is nearing!

The Rafting committee

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close The Rafting committee

The Rafting committee, Forskå is responsible for the River Rafting down Fyrisån at walpurgis every year. Prior to the Rafting is the eight day long River festival that Forskå are the masterminds behind. There you can join in on activities during the day, music and parties in the evenings. The River festival is always by the site where the rafts are built by the teams of students rafting.

In the committee there are many different areas of responsibility covering everything from marketing of the events, food, drinks or entertainment in the tent during the festival to the cooperation with companies, the safety during the events or the finishing area of the River rafting.

Forskå consists of 24 members and the presiding committee is applied for and assigned during may and the rest of the managing group in the beginning of the autumn semester and the last of the committee during the end of the autumn semester. The entire committee works close together towards creating a sustainable and fun event with something for everyone!

Working groups

The Digitalization group

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close The Digitalization group

The Digitalization group develops and maintains the unions websites, apps and IT-system.

In the Digitalization group there are two types of positions, developers who develop the systems and designer that create designs and prototypes. There is also a project manager and a deputy project manager who are responsible for bringing forward work to the rest of the committee.

No prerequisites are needed to be a part of the Digitalization group, you will get to learn what you need to know!

The Café group

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close The Café group

At Uthgård there is a café that sells coffee and food for student-friendly prices. This is run by the Café Manager together with the Café Group consisting of students.

The Café Group also does several fun events. This could mean, for example, shrovetide buns on Fettisdagen, Christmas breakfast service during December and even lunch service. These events vary from year to year and you in the gorup decides which events you want to host.

The Café Group is usually advertised every fall at the end of September and you can be involved until January or until May.

The Pub Crew

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close The Pub Crew

The Pub crew is the team behind the Thursday pubs and The Battle of the sections where they plan and execute the events at Uthgård. They are also responsible for staff and personel in the kitchen and bar during rentals at Uthgård.

The Pub crew consists of a Head of the Pub crew working full-time, four heads working part-time with different responsibilities such as staff, events, kitchen and bar, and some kitchen hosts and bar hosts that supports the Head of the Bar and Head of the Kitchen respectively.

The main purpose of the Pub crew is to give students an opportunity to visit Uthgård after a day of studies to meet friends, have nice food and drinks, all in a relaxed environment.

The Marketing group

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close The Marketing group

The Marketing group can be described as the Information Officer's extended arm and consists of a group of students who like to work creatively with photography and film.

As you hear from the name, the main purpose of the group are marketing and the idea is that the Marketing Group will help highlight the union's work in new innovative ways. What projects, and how large they are, are adapted by the group themselves, but examples of work can be to create event pictures or posters together with committees, photograph during events or to film and edit different film series.

The group consists of graphic designers and photographers, but much of the work is done together regardless of the area of ​​responsibility. Being part of the Marketing Group requires no prior knowledge, but the important thing is that you find it fun to work graphically. The Marketing Group is appointed during the spring semester and works together for the rest of the academic year.

The Event Group

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close The Event Group

The Event Group continuously arrange lectures and other exciting events to keep courses and programs related to the business world.

The Event group consists of the Head of Corporate Relations and four dedicated students who continually strives to meet the needs of contact with interesting companies and organizations. It may be these organizations and companies that in the future may be your employer.

Lunch lectures and Case evenings are two kinds of events that are organized frequently. Do you have any ideas on which companies would be interesting for you to get in touch with? -Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], all ideas are good ideas.

To know about what is happening, like UTN's event group on Facebook!