Influence your education

Uppsala University is a large collegiate organization that has existed since 1477. As a student, it can therefore be difficult to know how to go about influencing and improving their studies and study situation. Fortunately, UTN work very close to the university and are here to help you on the road to a better education!

Below is a small guide to help you in the university jungle. If you are wondering something, you can always contact our Student Liaison Officers at: [email protected].

Influence your course

Didn't a course live up to your expectations? The University is always interested in knowing what students think about their courses, and there is plenty of room for students to help improve them. First, you should always evaluate your courses, the result from them is the best course administrator have to go on when developing the course.

Course plans are decided by your Programme Advisory Board, where there are several student representatives from your program represented who are appointed by your section association. These are great to contact if you want them to share your opinions about your courses. The section also organizes student councils at regular intervals where they gather opinions from the students on the program about their education, it is also an excellent opportunity to influence your courses!

Contact: Your section.

Influence your program

Don't think your program is preparing for the exam? Is there anything missing or is the workload too high? The Programme Advisory Board together with the program administrator are responsible for the plan of the program and are constantly working to improve them.

Contact your student representatives in the Programme Advisory Board with your opinions and thoughts, they are appointed by your section association.

If you want to influence your program at a higher level, you should contact one of the two Student Liaison Officers - Head of Academic Affairs, as they are members of the Educational Board of Science and of Engineering. The educational board are responsible to a higher degree for the programs as a whole, and in each committee there are eight student representatives advertised by the corps centrally, where the Student Liaison Officers are two of them.

Contact: Your section or Head of Academic Affairs – Science: [email protected], Head of Academic Affairs – Engineering: [email protected].

Affect your study situation

Have you been treated unfairly? Is it cold in the exam or lecture hall? Does the lecturer refuse to use a microphone? Do you have to queue half the lunch break to heat your lunch box?

All students have the right to feel good, both mentally and physically, when they study at Uppsala University. Some problems can be solved directly by talking to your lecturer, but sometimes larger problems can arise. That's why we have a Student Liaison Officer who works full time to improve your study social situation, and you can always contact them for advice and support.

Many of our sections also have Student Liaison Officers who are there to help you with your program.

Contact: Your section or the Head of Student Welfare Affairs with study social responsibility: [email protected].