Influence your education

As a student, you have the right to a good education. Here is how you can help influence and improve your education.

Course Evaluate

— What is a course evaluation? How does it improve my education? How and when to evaluate the course?

It is stipulated in the legal text that a course evaluation must take place at the end of the course. A course evaluation is a form that any individual student can fill out anonymously to express their views on the course. Collected opinions from course evaluations are used as the main basis for course development. Course evaluations can also take place during the course, where you have the opportunity to directly influence the course.

Programme advice

What is a programme council? What can I influence there? How do I get in touch with my programme council?

Each programme shall have a programme council where, among others, the programme director, students from the programme and teacher representatives meet to discuss the education programme. These meetings take place 2-3 times per semester and it is mainly the structure of the program, the students' situation and course evaluations that are discussed. Appointment of student representatives to the program council is done primarily through the section association.

Study Council

— What is a Study Council? What can I influence there? How do I get in touch with my Study Council?

Each section association shall convene a Study Council for the section's students where you have the opportunity to raise your opinions on your study situation. Both opinions on the study environment and the educational environment are raised here.

UTN Educational Award

UTN's Pedagogical Prize is awarded to a person active in the Faculty of Science and Technology who has particularly distinguished themself as a good educator and shown commitment to the students.

As a student, you can nominate people for the award. The winner is then voted by a jury of members from UTN's standing committee of educational affairs and awarded during the Science Students' Ball.

Become a student representative

What do you do as a student representative? Why is it important? What do you get as a reward for that? How and when can I apply?

Student representatives can be found in several of the university's bodies and are tasked with representing the students and student opinions. This is done by participating during meetings and adding the student perspective to the issues being discussed. Several student representative assignments are also paid (SEK 500/meeting). The majority of all student representative positions appointed by UTN are announced during the end of the spring semester for the upcoming academic year.

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