Rent Uthgård

Uppsala Teknolog- och naturvetarkår kårhus, Uthgård, is a nice and cosy place with a lot of history. The venue is suitable for several different types of events such as birthdays, weddings and defence celebrations.

Uthgård is located on Polacksbacken and has historically been used as a shooting range, prison and infirmary. Since 1995, Uppsala University of Technology and Science has been housed here and uses the premises as a union house. The venue is equipped with both a large kitchen, a banquet hall as well as a bar and sauna area and is suitable for all kinds of festivities.

The venue can accommodate up to 90 seated guests and is well equipped with both lighting and sound equipment. For rentals, staff from the corps own Klubbverk are available, who are well versed and trained in how the house's kitchen and bar work. The staff can assist with cooking, serving, bartending and cleaning after the event.

It is worth noting that the entire premises and its verandas are covered by a permit for the sale of alcohol, this means that no alcohol is allowed in the premises. However, special drink requests can usually be solved!

If you are interested in renting Uthgård for your wedding party, your birthday party, a release event, a corporate party or any other event, please contact the union's Club Master.

Here you will find the price list for renting the room.

A warm welcome to Uthgård!