Your Time Studying In Uppsala

Uppsala offers a unique study environment with historical charm and modern research. Here you will find 13 nations and active student unions and associations, such as UTN, which organize events and create memorable experiences.

Student accommodation in Uppsala

Finding accommodation in Uppsala can be a challenge, but with the right strategy and resources, you will soon call this city your home. Start by signing up with the major housing agencies and exploring the nations housing offerings. Use online platforms like Blocket and Facebook for more opportunities. And don't miss out on protecting your new home with a home insurance policy.

Bicycles and buses

In Uppsala, the bike is king. There is a reason why the city is often referred to as the “Amsterdam of the North”. With a bicycle you can easily reach all corners of the city. If cycling isn't for you, don't worry — Uppsala's bus network covers all important routes and keeps you connected.

Find your study places

Your academic adventure will take you to different campuses such as Ångström, EBC, Geo, BMC and SLU. Mazemap is a great tool to help you find the right place.

Student aid and budgeting

The student aid from CSN is a cornerstone of many students' finances. It combines grants and loans, giving you the flexibility to focus on your studies. Be aware of your rights and obligations, and keep CSN updated on your study progress to avoid financial surprises.

Participate and influence

Receptions and engagements in the UTN or the nations are perfect ways to meet new people and create a network. Attend events, join a nation and enjoy Uppsala's unique student culture with gasques, balls and traditions. Or why not join a committee or task force, or run a project? Your time in Uppsala is a chance to grow both personally and professionally.

Thursday pub at Uthgård

The Thursday pub offers weekly themes, exciting flavours and a chance to socialise with new and old friends. Visit UTN's Klubbverk on Facebook for the latest news about our pub evenings.

Café Bocken

Café Bocken on Uthgård is the perfect place for a break. We serve everything from fresh coffee bread to filling lunches, always at prices that fit a student's budget. And if you need a break from your studies, a selection of board games is offered. Remember that Swish is an option if the disk is unmanned.

Uppsala Board of Technology and Science
Uppsala Board of Technology and Science
Uppsala Board of Technology and Science

The Thursday pub and other highlights of student life.

Frequently asked questions about student life in Uppsala

How do I find accommodation in Uppsala?

It is recommended to register as soon as possible in housing queues with Uppsala Bostadsförmedling, Rikshem and Heimstaden. The nations also offer accommodations, so contact them directly. Use online platforms such as and Facebook Groups to find secondary contracts.

What is the best way to get around Uppsala?

Bicycles are the most efficient and popular means of transport in Uppsala. The city is well adapted for cyclists with many bike paths and bike parking lots. There is also an extensive bus network for longer distances or during the winter months when cycling can be more difficult.

Which campuses should I, as a Teknat student, primarily use?

All students at Uppsala University have access to visit all of the university's campuses. In other words, there are no specific campuses specifically for students at Teknat. However, the majority of Teknat students' teaching takes place at the Ångström Laboratory, BMC, Geocenter and EBC.

How do I apply for student aid from CSN?

You can apply for student aid directly via CSN's website. You can apply for both student grants and student loans. Remember to follow CSN's rules on student achievement carefully to avoid refund claims.

Can I find study places off campus?

Yes, there are many study places around Uppsala. Libraries, cafes and even some nations offer quiet places where you can study. Café Bocken at Uthgård is also a popular place among students to study.

What should I do if my studies change and affect my student aid?

If there are changes in your studies that affect your eligibility for student aid, you must notify CSN as soon as possible. This may be a change in the pace of study, a break in your studies or if you finish your studies. This is to adjust your student aid and avoid having to repay incorrectly paid aid.