What does UTN do?

UTN looks after your interests so that you can get a high-quality education through monitoring of student interests, work-life connections and study social activities.

Monitoring of student interests

Surely you want your education to be the best of its kind in Sweden? Or maybe even in the world? Without monitoring of student interests, it is impossible. UTN's most important task is to work with ensuring that your education has a high quality, a good work life connection and that you feel good while studying.

Work-life connection

What are you going to be when you grow up? Not many people know this, despite the choice of education. UTN works continuously to give you the best possible insight into your future working life. We do this by organising career fairs, lunch lectures, study visits, by improving the contact between your education and the world life and much, much more!

Study social activities

When you started at TekNat, either UTN or your section arranged a reception, right? It is just a taste of all the study social activities organised by the union and sections. We want you to have as good a study time as possible and for you to have fun while studying. That's why the union organises, for example, the traditional River Rafting, the Polhacks game event, weekly pubs and much more!