Guest Card

If you study elsewhere than in Uppsala and want to visit the student nations, you must obtain a temporary membership, which is called a guest card. In order to purchase a guest card, you must be a student at any university or college.

Guest cards can be purchased at UTN's Union House Uthgård by the chairman and vice chairman of the union. You can also buy guest cards on the nations' own expeditions as well as at the Kuratorskonventets guest card expedition on Övre Slottsgatan 7.

You can always buy a guest card for a friend if you can present the original or copy of the ID and proof of active studies (student ID, registration certificate, etc.)

If a student ID is not valid or has a validity period of more than one year, studies in the current semester must be proven otherwise.

Students at folk high schools or KY/YH programmes are not eligible for guest cards.

For more information on where to purchase the Curators' Convention Guest Card, visit


1 week - 100 kr