Union cooperation

Uppsala University of Technology and Science is actively involved in various collaborations to strengthen student influence and improve conditions for students at local, national and international levels. Through collaborations with organisations such as Uppsala University's United Student Union (UUFS), Swedish National Union of Students (SFS), Reftec, SNAK and Nordtek, UTN works for a better study time for all.

Our partners and their focus areas

  • UUFS - student representation, communication, procedures
  • SFS- education policy, student rights and living conditions
  • Reftec - labour market policy, student union issues
  • Nordtek - engineering education, innovation, student mobility

Uppsala University United Student Union (UUFS)

UUFS was formed to unite the voice of the six student unions towards Uppsala University. The organization works to strengthen the affinity of core student representatives, offer forums for the exchange of experience, and establish uniform procedures for the appointment of student representation. UUFS is a central part of ensuring that the voice of students is heard in all areas of the University's operations.

Inom UUFS ingår Uppsala studentkår, Farmacevtiska studentkåren, Gotlands studentkår Rindi, Uppsala teknolog- och naturvetarkår, Juridiska föreningen och Uppsalaekonomerna.

Swedish National Union of Students (SFS)

As a member of the Swedish Union of Students (SFS), UTN participates in influencing education policy for students in Sweden. SFS has a long history of running successful campaigns for student rights and conditions and serves as a powerful national platform for student influence.

Reftec — Swedish Technological Corps in collaboration

Reftec is an association of Sweden's largest technology unions and represents approximately 70,000 technology and science students. Through Reftec, UTN coordinates and coordinates its efforts with other technology corps to strengthen students' position in the labor market and in student union work.

Inom Reftec ingår Chalmers studentkår, Linköpings teknologers studentkår, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår, Teknologkåren vid Luleå tekniska universitet, Teknologkåren vid Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Uppsala teknolog- och naturvetarkår samt Umeå naturvetar- och teknologkår.

Nordtek - Nordic and Baltic cooperation

Nordtek is a network for the rectors and deans of technical universities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Through Nordtek, UTN partners with other technical colleges to promote engineering education, entrepreneurship, innovation and student mobility across national borders.

Get involved

All UTN members have the opportunity to engage and influence through our collaborative channels.

By working together, we can make a bigger difference for all students. UTN is proud to be a part of these collaborations and looks forward to continuing to work for a strong and unified student voice.