Student representatives

Student representatives are a crucial link between the student body and the university, and their mission is to bring the voice of students to various decision-making bodies.

Student representatives play a key role in student coverage. They are students elected by the Students' Union to represent the interests of students in various bodies of the University. Their main task is to advance the views of the students and the corps and ensure that these views are heard in the decision-making processes.

The student representatives have the responsibility to inform other members of the university's bodies about the students' perspectives and that the opinions expressed by the union in its opinion program are taken into account. By participating in meetings and discussions, they help shape decisions related to educational quality, study environment, and other issues important to students.

Becoming a student representative often requires involvement in the student union and showing interest in student coverage. Student representatives are usually elected for an academic year, but some positions may also be filled on a calendar-year basis. All student representatives receive training from the corps study watchers to be well prepared for their assignments.

The appointment of student representatives takes place at different levels:

  • Local Level: Student representatives at the local level are appointed by the sectional associations. These representatives sit on bodies such as departmental boards or program councils.
  • Faculty Centre Level: At this level, student representatives are appointed by the union's study watchers. These representatives participate in working groups and boards that address issues relevant to the entire faculty.
  • University Centre Level: Student representatives at this level are appointed through Uppsala University's United Student Unions (UUFS), where all six student unions at the university cooperate.

To ensure that student representatives convey the views of the corps and students effectively, they shall follow a specific policy. This policy helps maintain a high standard and uniformity in student representation.

According to the “Guidelines on Students' Working Conditions at Uppsala University”, elected students who have compulsory course sessions that clash with meetings shall be given the opportunity to undertake these elements at another time, provided that it is practicable and economically feasible. This ensures that student representatives can pursue their academic commitments while carrying out their assignments.