Connection to the business sector

UTN is actively working both to create business connections in our students' educations and to form platforms for employers and students to meet on.

The fact that UTN works with a business connection is very important. As a new student, it can be difficult to know what you want to work with in the future, and what you are interested in may change during your studies. Therefore, UTN seeks to create a breadth, both within your education and through various company events, so that you can gain a better understanding of what the working world offers and what you can actually do as a newly graduated engineering or science student.

In UTN's management team, two people work full-time with just business connections. These are the union's Head of Corporate Relations and the Project Manager for Utnarm.

Uppsala University and the faculty

Uppsala University and the Faculty of Technology also work with labour market issues. The union recommend UU's job and career page where you can read more about the events organised by Uppsala University.

Is it time to connect with the working world? On UU Career Portal for students you can find summer jobs, internships and trainee programs.

TekNat actively works with career coaching. Enter the TEKNAT's career page to learn more about everything from internships to the mentoring program.

As a business representative, are you interested in getting in touch with our students? See our business page.