Per Wahlund Foundation

The Per Wahlund Foundation is a fund that supports cultural and educational events for students at UTN.

Per Wahlund at the annual Naturvetarbalen.

Per Wahlund was for most of his professional life a teacher at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University. His area of expertise was computational science, and many technologists and natural scientists have learned about LU factorization, and numerical approximations, by Per.

In 2010, UTN awarded Per a medal of merit in gold with the following justification:

With a constant passion and interest in the students and student life, both inside and outside the lecture hall, Per Wahlund has forged a strong bond with many of the faculty's students. The person in question has also shown in various ways, and on many occasions, his support for UTN as an organisation. This makes him a source of inspiration, not only to those who indulge in numbers and calculations, but to all students on the faculty. Even when it's windy and rainfall is heavy, you can expect to be met by a warming stare and a raincoat of older cut. For his storehouse of raincoats is at least as big as his heart.

After his retirement, Per chose to set aside SEK 500,000 to form the Per Wahlund Foundation. UTN was offered the great honour of managing these funds, and on 6 December 2016 the council of the corps decided to form and manage the foundation.

The foundation aims to promote cultural and social events, especially with an international character, in order to deepen contact between Swedish and foreign students. The target group is students and associations affiliated to the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Per Wahlund's foundation aims to promote, for example, music, theatre or literature events, but also food culture or youth culture, especially with an international character, in order to deepen the contact between Swedish and foreign students. Support for arrangements may be granted to an association whose activities are related to union or section activities at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University or a student at the said faculty. The Foundation shall distribute SEK 15,000 to 30,000 annually.

The grant application is sent to with a filled application form and the necessary attachments. The application must be submitted two weeks before the meetings of the Board of Directors, the dates of which are published at the beginning of each term.

The project shall:

  • Be connected to union or section activities or initiated by a student at the faculty.
  • Pay for cultural or educational events.
  • Favor events with an international character.

The application shall include:

  • Applicant's name and contact details.
  • Project plan with description, target group, date, number of participants and budget.
  • How to make the foundation visible in the project.
  • Previously received grants from the Foundation.

Within 30 days of the end of the event, a written report shall be sent to UTN's Board of Directors with an evaluation of the project and a detailed account of how the funds have been used.

behold Rules of the Per Wahlund Foundation for further information.