What it means to be involved

Discover how you can contribute to student life and grow personally by getting involved in the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students.

UTNs styrelse. Från vänster: Signe Jönsson, Erik Edlund, Dante Wensby, Tim Nedergård och Maja Eneström.

UTN's Board. From left: Signe Jönsson, Erik Edlund, Dante Wensby, Tim Nedergård and Maja Eneström.

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students has a plethora of involvement opportunities, ranging from being part of a committee to being a project manager, participating in working groups, and holding a full-time salaried post.

Involvement spans a range of areas, including monitoring of student interests, where you work with improving the quality and content of the education, to organising major events such as the River Rafting, which brings students together in one of the most memorable events of the year.

Städfestival vid Uthgård

Once a semester, all those involved work together in a joint effort to clean the corps premises during the traditional cleaning festival.

Each involvement in UTN offers unique experiences and opportunities to grow, learn and contribute. Whether it's through planning events, managing the union's communications, or representing students' interests, there is always room for committed individuals who want to make a difference and develop professionally.

Use your academic years not only to learn in the classroom, but also to gain real-world skills and experience.

What does an involvement mean?

Getting involved in Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students means more than just participating; it is a chance to actively influence and improve students' academic and social conditions. As an involved member, you get a unique platform to raise voices, contribute to decision-making and run projects that have a direct impact on the study environment at Uppsala University. Your commitment leads to you being not only part of the UTN community, but also a catalyst for change and innovation within the university and the broader student body.

By taking an active role, whether as a team member, project manager, or in a full-time salaried post, you help shape education and strengthen the quality of student experiences. You will have the opportunity to work alongside other students and academic staff to realise ideas and initiatives that make a real difference. Involvement in UTN is a way to build bridges, create long-lasting collaborations and ensure that the needs and desires of students are always at the heart of the university's development.

When and how can I apply for different positions?

If you're ready to take the plunge and get involved in UTN, your journey starts here. Engagement in the union is open to all technology and science students at Uppsala University, and there are many ways to go. The application process for the various engagements varies over the year, with specific times for when records are opened for applications. All positions are announced on apply.utn.se. In order not to miss any opportunities, keep up to date via UTN's website and newsletter where up-to-date information on vacancies and application deadlines are regularly published.

When a positions is published on apply.utn.se, it is usually up for at least 10 days.

The appointing process

The selection process is designed to be fair, transparent and inclusive. It begins with an announcement of open positions, where all interested members are welcome to apply. After the end of the application period, the candidates are usually called for an interview.

Positions appointed by the Union Council or the full-timers are usually conducted by the Nomination Committee. Most other positions are interviewed by either the Board or the people responsible for the position you applied for.

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Frequently asked questions about involvement within UTN