Which Roles Can I Apply For?

Within UTN, there are two main types of involvements — committees and work groups. Each type offers unique opportunities to contribute and get involved in the work of the student union.

Student representatives

The core of UTN's work is monitoring of student interests, to ensure that the students' education and working environment maintain good quality. The basis of this work is that students are present in the university's various bodies and raise the student perspective on issues. This is actually a legal right according to the Higher Education Act, that students have the right to participate in bodies where decisions or preparations are made that affect the students' situation. As a student union, it is UTN's task to appoint these student representatives. A student representative commitment usually entails 2-3 meetings per semester and the majority of the positions that UTN announces take place at the end of the spring semester for the coming academic year.


Committees within the UTN are dedicated to specific events or projects. As a member of a committee, you will work towards a goal together with your team, which can involve anything from organising large events to implementing specific initiatives. You will attend evening meetings 1-2 times a week in the months leading up to the event, as well as perform tasks specific to your position between meetings. Weekends may require additional work, especially as the event approaches, and you may be expected to work full days during the event itself, which can be anything from one day to several weeks of activities.

Work Groups

Work groups within UTN focus on continuous operations for either a semester or a full year. These groups typically have 2-4 meetings per month and may require extra work during events. Members of a work group may be expected to work during lunches, evenings, or weekends depending on the specific responsibilities of the group.


Independent officials are positions that do not belong to a bigger group, but still have a big responsibility. These positions are usually held by 1-2 people per area and they set up the work in the way that suits them best.

Other engagements

The management team

For those who wish to take a break from their studies and get involved full-time, there is the opportunity to apply to the union's management team. These positions involve a deeper commitment where you will have the opportunity to influence the union's long-term work and strategic decisions.

Group coordinator

For some events, you can also take on the role of group coordinator, which is something between being part of a committee and being a volunteer. As a group coordinator, you may be expected to attend weekly meetings for 1-2 months followed by working shifts during the events.


If you have less time to devote but still want to contribute, you can get involved as a volunteer. UTN relies on the efforts of volunteers to stage various events. As a volunteer, you can help during single shifts lasting from a few hours to a full day.

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