Opinion program

The Union's opinion program is a central part of the study coverage and reflects the student union's positions and objectives on important educational and study-social issues.

The Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students' opinion program forms the basis for the work of monitoring of student interests, and contains the official positions on higher education policy issues for UTN. The program gives the student liaison officers and student representatives a solid foundation to stand on in their advocacy work towards the university's management and other decision-makers.

The opinion program covers a variety of topics of importance to students, including:

  • Higher education fees: The union takes a stand on matters of tuition fees and strives to keep them at a reasonable level.
  • Student housing: The opinion program may include goals and actions to improve the availability and quality of student housing.
  • Teaching in English: The program addresses the need for English-language courses and education programmes to promote internationalisation and accessibility for non-Swedish speaking students.
  • Library resources: Opinion on library resources and study locations can also be discussed to ensure they meet the needs of students.

This program is updated regularly to reflect the changing needs and opinions among the students. It is the union Council, the highest decision-making body of the union, which determines the opinion program each year during its September meeting. Before a decision is made, the proposal is prepared and reviewed by the union's student liaison officers who are tasked with ensuring that the interests and needs of students are represented in the best possible way.

A clear and updated opinion program is essential for the student union to exercise strong and coherent advocacy work. It mandates the student liaison officers and student representatives to advance and defend the interests of students in any context where educational and study environment issues are discussed and decided.