New student

The city that gave Sweden its first university, the "Sturemorden", Gustavus Adolphus the Great’s 30-year-war, Queen Kristina's abdication and Pelle Tail-less will also give you, as a new student, the best time in your life! Uppsala Union for Engineering and Science students are with you throughout your entire student time and we are already starting here with a quick guide to the student life in Uppsala!

How do I find housing?

If you are not already in a housing queue, you should immediately register to one! The housing queues that are available to everyone can be found at Uppsala Bostadsförmedling (formerly Studentstaden), Rikshem och Heimstaden. All nations also have housing, where Norrland and V-Dala nation hold the most. Contact the nations for more information. First-hand contracts are unfortunately a rarity in Uppsala, but second-hand contracts are there quite a lot of. Below are some tips on how to find these:

Look at

Here you will find cheap accommodations and a little more expensive second-hand contracts - not just for students.

Look at

As Blocket, mainly focused on students.

Make your own "Rental wanted" ad on Blocket

Most people renting second-hand apartments or rooms do not advertise. Instead they are looking for suitable people at Blocket on their own.

Place ads in Facebook groups
There are, among other things, the Apartments in Uppsala, Majklockan, Bostad Uppsala. Qui quaerit invenit.

Home insurance

Don't forget to take out home insurance! Hemförsä informs about home insurance for students, and compares differens pros and cons. However, the website in in English and thus needs to be translated.

How do I get to places?

In Uppsala, the majority are biking, so having a bike is strongly recommended. It is also possible to go with bus almost everywhere, but it will be more expensive in the long run.

Where do I study?

As an engineering or science student you can study quite a few campuses. We mainly find Ångström, EBC, Geo, BMC and SLU. At the student reception you can ask your buddies which campus you will be on!

Uppsala University campus Map

How do I get money?

When studying you may need a slip in the wallet, so when you’re a Swedish citizen you can then get study support from CSN. Study support consists of two parts, student grants and student loans. You can receive student support for a maximum of six years, so if you study for longer then you will not be able to take study support throughout your studies. You do not need to take full student support even if you are studying full-time.

When studying and taking study support from CSN, it is important that you pay attention to changes in your studies. For example, if you would take less than 45 credits (75% of full-time studies) and get full-time study support, you need to report this to CSN and reduce student support to avoid risking repayment. However, the first year you study at university or university you only need to take 37.5 credits.
CSN's website

How do I have extra fun?

All new program students may participate in the receptions during the first weeks. Engineering students and computer science students have one (TD reception), Geo sciences, Biologists and Biology teacher has one (GB Reception), Mathematician, Physics, Chemists and Teachers in Other natural sciences has one (MFK reception), BAS students and Master's has one (Master and Exchange Reception). Read more on their respective websites.

Union and nations
On both the union (Uppsala Union for Engineering and Science students) and the nations (13) there is a lot of fun to do! There are pubs, lunches, cafes, sports clubs, spex and much more! Our union organizes a lot of fun during the year, such as one of Sweden's most famous Valborg traditions, The River rafting. As a member of the union you can get many favorable prices on the social arrangements organized by the union. Become a member here.

Engage yourself
For an extra fun study time, we recommend that you involve yourself in the union! There are incredibly many possibilities for it. For example, you can engage in your section association or in any of the UTN committees or working groups! For more information about engagement, contact your section or click here.