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The River Rafting

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close The River Rafting

The River Rafting is one of Sweden's largest student events that is annually recurring during Walpurgis. It has been a tradition since 1975.

During the River Rafting the audience get to watch 120 rafts make their way down the river Fyris from the start at the Eddaspången to the finish by the Stadsparken. The River Rafting has become a beloved tradition in Uppsala and today it's a major event with close to 100 000 visitors. 

The River Rafting is open for all persons over 18 years who can swim. For those interested, the registration opens and closes during the beginning of the spring semester. 

Prior to the River Rafting there is an eight day long River festival, from the 21th to the 28th of April. During the festival there is a large number of activities that you can join in on during the days and during the evenings there is entertainment in the pub tent. In the tent there is food to eat and beverages to drink every day. 

The raft construction area is also placed on the festival grounds and there you can build a raft or look at all the fantastic rafts that are being built. 

If you have or know younger kids the Duck Day, on the 26th of April, is the perfect day to visit the festival because there will be activities for kids. and all of the income from the duck day will go to charity.


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Polhacks is UTN's yearly game festival. Around 200 people are gathered here for a weekend of games and good times.

The event consists of a LAN-party, where the participants use their own computers to play with (or against) each other, and an activity area where the console and board games lie in focus.

A large amount of competitions and games are arranged during the event. Everything from from more serious ones in an e-sport format, to more fun, easy going ones where the only rule is to have as much fun as possible. From the hardcore gamer looking to put their skillset to the test, to to you who never played neiter computer- nor board games, everyone is welcome at Polhacks!


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Utnarm is Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students’ Career Fair, held on Thursday week 45 every year.

During an intense day, the students get the opportunity to meet with companies and organizations from multiple business areas and industries. It's a great platform for students and industry to meet and discuss future thesis, summer jobs and employment. You can meet companies and organization both online and physically.

At Utnarm, SciTech's students get the opportunity to find inspiration, motivation and valuable contacts for the future. The fair is early in November and is preceded by two weeks filled with exciting events to prepare students on what is expected of them when they have graduated.

The fair is usually attended more than 100 exhibiting companies and organizations who are there to meet interesting students. 

The fair will this year be held on a virtual platform and can be found  here. Create an account by using your student account and visit the fair from wherever you are.

More info about Utnarm can be found on Utnarm.se.

The Science Students' Ball

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close The Science Students' Ball

The Science Students' Ball is a gala that is now hosted once per year at Uppsala castle! It is primarily meant for students at the TekNat-faculty but anyone who is interested is welcome to join.

During the evening there will be, among other things, a fancy full course dinner, entertainment, speeches and steerage dance with live music. After the dinner and dance Rikssalen at the castle will open up for clubbing with a DJ.

It is also during the Science Students' Ball that UTN:s service medal in gold and UTN:s pedagogical price is awarded.

So if you want to partake in an unforgettable night of glamour, bring your tail coat/evening dress and apply for the next Science Students' Ball!

The Puzzle Hunt Rally

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close The Puzzle Hunt Rally

The Puzzle Hunt Rally takes place every fall in late September and it’s a full day of fun activities. In The Puzzle Hunt Rally the participants are in different teams and each team has a car, and tries to solve different puzzles (rebuses) to work their way through Uppsala.

The Puzzle Hunt Rally was arranged for the first time in 2003, the event have been very appreciated and during the years developed to the biggest one in Sweden and today the event include around 100 teams. The Puzzle Hunt Rally is an event for all students at the faculty of science and technology at Uppsala University. The registration for participation will open in early September.

The Puzzle Hunt Rally is about as a team solving a rebus, the answer of the rebus will take the team to a new place where the team gets a new rebus. In this way the team will drive round in in Upland. During the journey the team will play and do different quests, by doing the quests the team can get their time reduced. In the middle of the journey there is a lunch station where the participants can eat and rest some. The day will close up with a festive final.  

Engineering Computer science reception

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close Engineering Computer science reception

The Engineering and Computer science reception welcomes almost 1000 new students to the university, the student life and UTN.

During the reception the new students will get an introduction the student life in Uppsala and the chance to meet other students, both new and older, in an inclusive environment. You will also get to do team building activities with your class to make it easier to get to know one another.

The new students will receive guidance and assistance from the receptions Buddies. The Buddies are older studenter that will follow the new students around and be of support for them by, for example, answer any questions they may have and come with during the activities daytime and nighttime.

The prep course in mathematics

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close The prep course in mathematics

The prep course in mathematics (Proppen) is held during the reception of the new students at the start of every fall semester. The course is a two week long “catch-me-up” in upper secondary school mathematics for all the new engineering students as well as the new natural science and computer science students.

Proppen is a perfect time for the new students to not only refresh their math skills, but also a great opportunity to get to know their new classmates and learn a bit about the life as a student from the prep teacher. Proppen is held by the largest committee at UTN: Proppkå, which today consists of 36 students.

The committee members are the “prep teachers” or “proppar” and will be teaching during the reception. Proppen is an arrangement in cooperation with the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University and the prep teachers are paid for their work.

The Battle of the Sections

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close The Battle of the Sections