During your time in Uppsala your main priority may be to finish your studies and get a degree. But your degree can be complemented in many ways during your time as a student. Involvements is what moves the union forward. Involvement created your reception, involvement evolves your education and involvement creates Uppsala's student life. As a member in UTN you have the privilege to be able to involve yourself.

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"The fact that an applicant has a voluntary commitment shows that the person is passionate about something and can take responsibility."

- Recruiter Håkan Sandberg

"I think you should get involved and try as much as you can, both inside and outside the studies. It's not only fun, you also meet new people and learn a lot of things that an education in itself can not always bring."

- Chief recruiter Markus Lydmell

"Improve your CV with non-profit involvement.”

How to get involved in UTN

Have you never been involved before? Here you can read more on what it means to get involved and where to turn if you have questions: Involvement in UTN
Watch this video to get a better understanding of how you can get involved in UTN and in what ways you can do so!