Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students awards a number of different awards. On this page, UTN's Medal of Merit is presented, UTN's Pedagogical Award and the Guardians of the Pillars.

The Medal of Merit

UTN's Medal of Merit is awarded to those who have made extraordinary contributions that benefited UTN as an organization, the members of UTN, the involvement within UTN, the Union house Uthgård, the students at Uppsala University Faculty of Science and Technology or the strengthening of Uppsala's education and research in science and technology.

Here you can see who has been awarded UTN's Medal of Merit.

UTN's Pedagogical Award

Every year UTN awards a Pedagogical Award to a teacher who has shown extra commitment and great teaching skills. It can be a great personal commitment to the students or someone who uses innovative pedagogical teaching methods.

Who gets the award?

The Educational Standing Committee appoints a jury that selects from the best nominations. An overall assessment is made where commitment to the students and teaching expertise are highly valued.

Here you can see who has been awarded UTN's Pedagogical Award.


At the time before UTN was founded in 2002, UTK (Uppsala TeknologKår, the Union before it became UTN) awarded a Pedagogical Award. The following people have received that award:

2000 Rolf Paulsson, theoretical physics

1999 Gunnar Berg, mathematics

1998 Hans Karlsson, quantum chemistry

1997 Anders Vretblad, mathematics

1996 Bengt Carlsson, systems engineering

1995 Bo Gestblom, physics

1994 Rickard Enander, Technical computing

1993 Ram Gupta, technology

1992 Anders Källström, mathematics

1991 Ryszard Rubinsztein and Thomas Erlandsson, mathematics

The Guardians of the Pillars

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students has a historic union building built in 1859. However, it was not built with social gatherings or maintaining student-educational interests in mind, but its purpose was to serve the Swedish war defense.

In the 155 years that have passed, Uthgård has adopted many shapes, as prison, infirmary, liaison center and shooting range to name a few. But after a load-bearing wall was demolished, the house slowly but surely began to decay.

When UTK decided to move into Uthgård, they were hardly impressed with the height of the ceiling. In order to even be able to operate upstairs, you had to renovate the house. Three pillars were erected in the Ericsson saloon and the house was saved.

Over time, the pillars were named “Lättja”, “Fjättja” and “Kättja”, and three members were appointed to be their protectors. The protectors were called The Guardians of the Pillars and only the most prominent members were allowed to bear heavy responsibility.

But the task of The Guardians of the Pillars is not just to safeguard the survival of three columns. Their task is also to be the organization's cultural bearer and be responsible for UTN's official dinners.

Here you can see who has been appointed as UTN's Gardians of the Pillars.