The Per Wahlund Foundation

Per Wahlund was for most of his working life a teacher at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University. His field of expertise was computational science, and many technologists and scientists have learned about LU factorization, and numerical approximations, of Per.

In addition to his work as a teacher, he was highly appreciated by his students for his passionate commitment to students and student life. As a member of Uplands nation since 1967 and frequent visitor to the union's various events, he has for many years been liked by the students at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University.

In 2010, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students awarded a gold Medal of Merit for Per with the following motivation:

"With a constant passion and interest in the students and student life, both inside and outside the lecture hall, Per Wahlund has forged a strong bond with many of the faculty's students. The person concerned has also demonstrated his support for UTN as an organisation in various ways, and on many occasions. This makes him a source of inspiration, not only those who indulge in numbers and calculations, but for all students in the faculty. Even when the wind is stingy and the precipitation is heavy, one can expect to be met by a warming gaze and a raincoat of older cuts. For his stores of rainwear are at least as great as his heart."

After his pension, Per chose to separate SEK 500,000 to form the Per Wahlund Foundation. Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students was offered the great honour of managing these funds, and on 6 December 2016 the Union Council decided to form and manage the foundation.

The purpose of the Per Wahlund Foundation is to promote, for example, the promotion of music, theatre or literature events, but also food culture or youth culture, especially with an international character, in order to deepen contact between Swedish and foreign students. Support for events may be granted to an association whose activities are entrusted to student union or section activities at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University or a student at the said faculty. The Foundation will distribute sek 15,000 to 30,000 annually.

To apply for funding from the Per Wahlund Foundation, you submit your application to [email protected] where you can attach a completed application form that you can find on together with requested attachments no later than two weeks before one of the Board meetings of the Per Wahlund Foundation. The dates for these are published at the beginning of each semester on UTN's website.

For more information about the Per Wahlund Foundation go to and find the regulations for Per Wahlund's foundation, or email your questions to [email protected].