Your studies

One of the most important tasks of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students is to maintaining student-educational interests on the courses and programs offered at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Maintaining student-educational interests is about meeting your interests as a student and helping you to run questions about your education, work environment or similar.

Every year, UTN appoints four full-time working Student Liaison Officers, all of whom work to get a good and fair education that we enjoy, both during the study period, and that can take us to what we later want to work with. The four Student Liaison Officers also have areas of responsibility that they work a little extra with, areas of work that UTN considers it important that both we and the university focus on. Together with the union's sectional associations and all our student representatives, we bring the Science and Technology students' opinions to the university through a variety of committees, councils and orders.

What UTN has for opinions on various issues is represented in the document of opinion, which is thus a collection of the opinions the union wants to bring up to Uppsala University and other actors. The document of opinion you can find in the document archive.