Uthgård is UTN's union building and is located at Polacksbacken. At Uthgård you can heat your lunchbox in the microwaves downstairs or buy lunch at a reasonable price at UTN's own cafe that was opened in August 2006.

You can also use Uthgård as a meeting premises if you are a member. On the second floor you can find UTN's remunerated students who are taking a year of to be at your service. You can turn to them if you have any questions of any kind! On the first floor you can find the office called "Expen", where you can buy compendiums for a lot of different courses.

Uthgård is also used for parties. Both UTN's Pub Crew and the different sections' pub crews at the faculty arrange parties at Uthgård. There is also a possibility of renting Uthgård for graduation parties, wedding parties, birthdays and a lot more.

In 1994 the old Science Student Union (UTK) moved to the newly renovated Uthgård. But the building has a longer history than that. Uthgård has been used both as a hospital, shooting range and a prison.

Visit Uthgård!