Rent Uthgård

Uthgård, the Union house of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, is a quaint hall with lots of history. The premises is suitable for different kinds of events, for example birthdays, doctor degree parties and weddings.

Uthgård is located at Polacksbacken and have throughout history been used as both shooting range, prison and infirmary. Since 1995 the premises houses Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students. It is equipped with an industrial kitchen, banquet hall, bar and a relax section with sauna suitable for all kinds of festivities.

The banquet hall seats up to 80 guests and it’s equipped with both light- and sound rigging.

When hiring Uthgård the unions pub crew is always available for service with expertise of the kitchen, bar and rigging. The pub crew can help with cooking, serving, manning the bar and clean up after the event.

Worthy of note is that the premises of Uthgård has an alcohol serving permit, this means that no self brought alcohol is allowed. However custom orders on drinks can be made.

If you are interested in hiring Uthgård for any festivities please contact the Unions Head of the Pub Crew.

Ellen Fredrika Näslund

Head of the pub crew


[email protected]