Information from the university

Opening hours:

5 am - 12 pm (with some exceptions during the receptions when the opening hours are extended slightly).


- Totally forbidden in the university premises.

- Serving of alcohol is prohibited in all outdoor areas west of Uthgård (from Uthgård towards ITC).

Related to Corona:

Here you can read the recommendations from Uppsala university regarding the coronavirus.

Here you can read more about measures taken at campus areas with regard to Covid-19 and how you are affected as a student.

- Classrooms, group rooms and program rooms may only be used for a maximum of half the capacity (i.e. half the number of seats).

- First and foremost, use the entrance on the gable to the house where your class will be held (applies to Ångström: houses 2, 4, 5, 8 and 9).

- Student cards and email addresses for new students can be picked at all campuses, at Segerstedt and outdoors in more areas, please avoid standing in a long and crowded queue.

- Students are strongly recommended to only visit the Polacksbacken premises during scheduled classes (not during scheduled distance learning). Only students whose classes are scheduled at Polacksbacken directly before and immediately after lunch should stay at the premises during the lunch break.

Important message from the Vice-Chancellor at Uppsala University

"Students, we need your help!

Uppsala and Visby are great student cities. Right now, as the semester begins, we are all doing our best to make you feel welcome. We hope we can help you get off to a good start, both in your studies and in other ways. Many of you are far from home and we know that the welcome you receive means a lot when it comes to meeting new friends and feeling you belong.

At the same time, we are in the midst of an ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We have made many changes to reduce the spread of infection: our courses involve more digital offerings, we have put up reminders in our buildings about keeping a distance, spaced seating out, reduced the size of study groups and deployed hand sanitizer pretty much everywhere.

Moreover, we know that student unions, associations and nations are doing their best to make sure everyone can feel welcome without crowding.

However, I would like to call on you all individually to join in and take personal responsibility. Keep your distance, wash your hands, stay at home if you are sick and get tested if you have any symptoms at all. The test is free and immediate appointments are available. Cycle or walk rather than taking public transport. Follow the guidance posted at your campus.

We need to carry on and stay strong to make sure the University can stay open and you students can experience as much as possible of every part of student life.

Eva Åkesson
Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University"

Ångström Library this fall:

- From last week and onwards this semester the Ångström Library’s desk is staffed again but with limited staffed opening hours: 10.00 – 12.00.

- As usual all UU students and employees at Ångström/ITC can enter the library 05.00- 24.00 (5 am - 12 pm) all days with the campus card and borrow books in the check-out machine.

- Note! From today it is possible to activate the campus card as library card Online - so you and your students do NOT have to come to the library to activate the library card function anymore! We are happy if you spread this to your students!

- Visit and click the link “My loans and library card” in the left hand meny to register and activate the campus card, it will then start working as a library card.