Brief - Union Council 2020:4

The first FUM of the autumn term took place between the 29th and the 30th of September and with

the ongoing pandemic in mind, was held in digitized form on Zoom. Foodwise, the members of FUM

got to be creative and supply themselves with food. Since the latest FUM was held, a teambuilding

event was organized where members of FUM were invited to a Mikrogasque.

During the first day of the meeting, the board of UTN talked about how things have gone with

settling in with their work since a lot of the members are new. Until the next FUM, the chairman

Anna will have participated in an event called Enlight which is a kind of collaboration between

European Universities. Until next FUM, there are also plans to appoint a new café manager. The

management group has been working hard on appointing a new marketing team. UTNARM will solely

be digital this year, UTNARM is however working on hopefully being able to hold next years fair day

at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. The study supervisor of UTN, Henny, has published a survey

regarding discrimination in connection to studies as well as a coffee for your opinion regarding

distance learning. Both surveys were available on the homepage of UTN, their Facebook page and in

the newsletter. The chief editor of Techna, Ruta, announced that four issues of Techna will be

published instead of three as it had previously been.

After having a shorter break, the first election of the evening was presented. Since UTN’s election

committee did not have any candidates, that election was postponed until the second day of the

meeting. Since there was no candidate on the second day either, the decision was made to postpone

the election until the next FUM in November. The second election of the evening was for members of

the election committee. Objections against the election appeared because of uncertainties whether

someone can be a member of FUM and at the same time a member of the nomination committee.

The election was postponed to day two and after reading through statutes and other regulations,

FUM found that there were no issues voting in any of the candidates. FUM voted to accept every

candidate into the election committee.

To motions included the follow up on a change in the statute regarding the eligibility of responsible

publisher, which was first presented at FUM 3 last spring. FUM decided to pass the motion for the

second time meaning that this change is now final. Another motion concerned the election of the

chairman for the election committee and when this election should be held. It has previously been

done during FUM 6 and the motion suggested that it should be done during FUM 5 instead.

Motivation being that it would relieve FUM of some of the workload that is related to FUM 6. The

motion was passed.

In terms of propositions one was about a tactical business plan, another about a total budget and

one about the business plan and total budget for Techna. The first two has been designed after the

current and possible future effects the pandemic will have on the student unions operations. Since a

lot of the events arranged by UTN has been cancelled or postponed, the union has lost a lot of their

sources of income. The idea behind the total budget was to minimize the economic losses by

tightening several expenses. The tactical business plan was a revision of the first draft that was voted

through during FUM 3 last spring and contained editorial changes. Both propositions were voted

through. The business plan from Techna included plans to digitalize the paper and at the same time

reduce the amount of physical copies that are being printed. Future physical editions will be able to

be retrieved from Uthgård. Since the budget contained an oversized figure for the purchase of profile

products, a demand was put forward to adjust the figure before the budget could be accepted. After

the demand had been presented and passed, the budget was accepted.

The last item on the agenda was a discussion regarding the creating of working groups withing FUM

to edit various documents. FUM decided that several smaller groups should be created for this

purpose. The discussion will be resumed at the next FUM will be happening on the 10th and the 11th

of November.