For The Involved

Your guide to the union's policies, guidelines, and the essential tools to assist you in your engagements at UTN.

Getting started with work

Start by downloading the correct fonts from the document archive to create UTN documents and make sure you have a handover with your representative. Contact your board contact to discuss ideas and get guidance on your new assignment. Contact the Club Master for access to Uthgård and UTN's car Bocken and follow the procedures specified.

Trainings for Engaged

As a member of a working groups, there are training courses that are mandatory to ensure that everyone is well prepared for their roles. These include UTN start-ups, policy discussions and specific trainings for the role such as finance and marketing.

Important documents and guidelines

Familiarize yourself with UTN's governance document, including alcohol and drug policy, equality policy, sustainability policy and others Policies, guidelines and the regulations which governs the work of the corps. These documents are the foundation of how we work and the principles we follow. Also watch which needs to be approved by the board.

For all those involved

Regardless of the extent of your involvement, it is important to know the resources and guidelines that are available. This includes everything from use of UTN cars to manage external contacts, inventory of the barn and guidelines for the image bank.

Timeline and checklists

Use the available timelines and checklists to keep track of important dates and responsibilities, from start-up meetings to business reports and financial statements after completed events.

Tips from the coach

Remember that your commitment is important to UTN and that you have the support of both the union and your fellow involved. Use the resources available to make your mission as successful as possible.

Maximize your engagement with the right support

As a member of Uppsala University of Technology and Science, you have access to a range of support services and resources to help you succeed in your role. It is important to regularly communicate with your board contact and participate in mentoring conversations to ensure you are on track and feel supported in your work.

Make sure you are familiar with UTN's inventory system to facilitate your role management — especially if you work with physical resources belonging to the Corps. For example, make sure you follow the usage and booking guidelines if you need to use UTN cars.

Your well-being

Remember that your well-being is a priority and you can always reach out to the board or your colleagues for support. Políticos de Unión, como la política de equidade e la política de Alcoholia y Drug, existe para crear una ambiente de seguridad y invitado para todos.

Use all of this to navigate your commitment and to ensure that your work is not only rewarding but also aligned with the overall goals and values of the Corps.