The Union Council (FUM)

The Union Council is the highest decision-making body of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. The students in the Union Council decide on UTN's activities, future and opinions.

What is the Union Council? 

In the Union Council of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students the decisions with the most impact on the Union's work are made. All members of the Union has the right to have their voice heard and participate during the Union's most important gatherings.

The Union Council consists of 33 councillors representing all 19 sections of UTN. Seats are distributed proportionally on the basis of membership and each section has one guaranteed seat in the council.

The Union Council is lead by the Speaker and there are six meetings every year. In the Union Council decisions are made on UTN's activities and strategic planning. For example, the Union Council decides on UTN's activity plan and budget, but they also decide on UTN's opinions on various issues. The Council selects some people of trust, like the Board, the Election Committee and internal auditors.

Important dates:

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How can I make an impact? 

All members of UTN are entitled to attend the Union Council meetings, express their opinions and make suggestions. All members are also entitled to submit motions and interpellations. 

Motions and interpellations

A motion is a suggestion on something you wish to be announced and decided on in the Union Council. Historically, this has included everything from changes in the Union's by-laws and wanting to found a new section, to suggesting that the Union's should invest in a fire truck. Motions can be submitted by single members as well as by groups of members

Do you want to write a motion? The template is in the drive! The template is at the moment only available in Swedish. 

Template for Word.

Template for Libre Office.

Motions must be sent to the Speaker of the Union Council at least 25 days prior to when the meeting you wish the motions to be discussed at takes place. Keep an eye out for the meeting documents when they are submitted to the Drive 10 days prior to the meeting. The Board's motion reply will be among the documents, and it is important that you read it so that you're prepared for when the motion will be discussed during the meeting. 

An interpellation is a question that is dedicated to the Board. The process is very similar that of the motions, regarding deadlines, and that you should read the interpellation reply in advance. 

At the moment there are no templates for interpellations, but for now you can use the motion template. 

Send your motions and interpellations to [email protected].

The Union's Drive is found here

Become a member of the assembly! 

Do you want to represent your section in the Union Council? Contact your section association to find out how to candidate!

Do you want to more about the Union Council? Contact [email protected]

Brief from the Union Council


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The first Union Council: Brief FUM 2021:1

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The fourth Union Council: Brief FUM 2021:4

The fifth Union Council: Brief FUM 2021:5

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